Sumangal Banaras

Experience the Magic of Banarasi Sarees at Sumangal – The Best Saree Shop in Varanasi

Sumangal Banaras is the best Banarasi saree shop in Varanasi, offering a wide range of Banarasi sarees that are perfect for weddings, festivals, and other special occasions.

Our sarees are made with the finest silk and are woven with intricate designs that reflect the beauty and tradition of Banaras. We offer a range of colors and designs to suit every taste, ensuring that you'll find the perfect saree for your needs. Come to Sumangal Banaras and experience the luxury and elegance of our Banarasi sarees.

Sumangal Banaras Offers Varieties of Banarasi Sarees

Sumangal Banaras

Georgette Banarasi Sarees

The beautiful Georgette banarasi sarees are created with a finely woven fabric that is generally prepared with the help of interwoven S twisted and Z twisted yarns.

Sumangal Banaras

Katan Silk Banarasi Sarees

The elegant Katan banarasi sarees are created using silk threads that are generally two in number, twisted together to form the warp of the fabric.

Sumangal Banaras

Organza Banarasi Sarees

For the creation of astonishing organza banarasi sarees, silver threads are coated using gold. The golden zari and contrast border gives the saree an attractive look

Sumangal Banaras

Tissue Silk Banarasi Sarees

Tissue Silk Banarasi sarees are a luxurious blend of silk and zari with a tissue-like texture. Known for their fine workmanship, these sarees feature intricate designs and are a popular choice for special occasions.

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